Valentine’s Day Scones

I have always loved Valentine’s Day. I was the girl who made 50 valentines for everyone in my class (the pre-made kind… but i’d attach candy!) I wanted to make something red/pinkish for Valentine’s Day and found a recipe for these lovely Raspberry Chocolate Scones.

I pretty much followed the recipe exactly (except I froze them and baked them in the morning).

You can find the recipe here!

Ps – Don’t worry Jon, I’m not stealing your thunder as the new family food photographer… this isn’t my picture. I stole it, but they looked pretty much identical!

Roll With Me, Henry

Just to be ambitious, I figured I’d try making my own cinnamon buns. I wasn’t ambitious enough to do all the grunt work, though — I let the bread machine do all the rising and kneading. With a dollop of cream cheese icing on top, they made for some pretty amazing treats for my guest(s). Here’s the recipe I used, but I doubled the cinnamon mixture, and instead of the glaze I made some cream cheese icing that was equal parts cream cheese, butter, and icing sugar.

You know, I think I’ll eat one now.