Roll With Me, Henry

Just to be ambitious, I figured I’d try making my own cinnamon buns. I wasn’t ambitious enough to do all the grunt work, though — I let the bread machine do all the rising and kneading. With a dollop of cream cheese icing on top, they made for some pretty amazing treats for my guest(s). Here’s the recipe I used, but I doubled the cinnamon mixture, and instead of the glaze I made some cream cheese icing that was equal parts cream cheese, butter, and icing sugar.

You know, I think I’ll eat one now.

Bruised, Perhaps, But Not Defeated

Last month I tried to make pots de crème. My makeshift bain-marie was a dismal failure, however, making the entire venture an utter waste. My initial attempts were inspired by this beautiful webpage, though, and even though it’s not mine I felt compelled to share it. Maybe eventually I’ll have the courage to try making them again.