Chopped Night 2012

What a lot of fun this was! I have such an original family!

(Sorry the photo of my dish is so bad … it’s the only one I took!)

Chef: Elyse
Course: Appetizer 1
Dish: Marshmallow Yam Spread with Beet Chips
Required Ingredients: Yams / Sage / Marshmallow
Christmas Word: ?
Chef: Shari
Course: Appetizer 2
Dish: Mushroom Tanenbaums
Required Ingredients: Chorizo / Cranberry Port Jelly / Walnuts
Christmas Word: Tanenbaum
Chef: Doug
Course: Salad
Dish: A-Myrrh-ican Caesar Salad
Required Ingredients: Kale / Parmesan / Coconut
Christmas Word: Myrrh
Chef: Jonathon
Course: Entrée 1
Dish: Gnocchi Garland with Savoury Thyme Applesauce
Required Ingredients: Gnocchi / Apple / Mustard
Christmas Word: Garland
Chef: Ivan
Course: Meat
Dish: Indian-Spiced Beef on Rice and Crisp Greens
Required Ingredients: Beef / Garam Masala / Cream
Christmas Word: ?
Chef: Leah
Course: Entrée 2
Dish: Deconstructed Ornamental Salad
Required Ingredients: Endive / Beet / Pomegranate Molasses
Christmas Word: Ornament
Chef: Matt
Course: Dessert
Dish: Pepper Toffee with Caramelized Pear
Required Ingredients: Pear / Pepper / Dulce de Leche
Christmas Word: ?