Valentine’s Day Scones

I have always loved Valentine’s Day. I was the girl who made 50 valentines for everyone in my class (the pre-made kind… but i’d attach candy!) I wanted to make something red/pinkish for Valentine’s Day and found a recipe for these lovely Raspberry Chocolate Scones.

I pretty much followed the recipe exactly (except I froze them and baked them in the morning).

You can find the recipe here!

Ps – Don’t worry Jon, I’m not stealing your thunder as the new family food photographer… this isn’t my picture. I stole it, but they looked pretty much identical!

2 Comments on “Valentine’s Day Scones”

  1. 1 Jonathon said at 5:28 pm on February 21st, 2011:

    Hey, I love good food photography, whether from me or not!

    Those look really yummy, Elyse! I may just have to try that recipe out.

  2. 2 Leah said at 8:22 am on March 7th, 2011:

    wow, these are beautiful, Elyse! very nice!


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