Quack, quack!

OK, so Matt and I decided to compromise and not blow $300 at West to celebrate our anniversary. However, we did blow about $100 at Bosa foods (we heart Bosa!!).

So, here are the picture descriptions: We started with Charcuterie: pork country pate (I did not make!) 18 month aged prosciutto, soppresseta, goat brie, okanagan gouda and raincoast crisps/crostinis.  Accompanying this (in our lovely tri sauce dish, thanks to D & E), we had zucchini relish, given to us by a friend, sundried tomato, and red pepper curry mustard, again courtesy of the Edmonton Farmer’s market, and D & E.  (AMAZING mustard, guys!!!)

For dinner, we did a duck ragu with papardelle noodles.  Never made duck before, but found out it is an easy way to spend $30 on protein! http://bit.ly/8X7Y70. I made several modifications, so let me know if you’d like the additions.  It was SO good- so flavorful and rich, without being overly heavy.

Paired it with a 2006 (a great year- get it?  Anniversary? ka-ching) La Frenz Montage. So delicious, and the leftovers were far more than West’s!  Buon appetito!